Detective / Thriller

6x 1hr

Twelve jurors reunite a decade after a savage murder trial, where a not guilty verdict released an accused killer back into society.

Certain now that their verdict was wrong and fearing that he has brutally struck again, this disparate group reassembles to undertake their own covert investigation, and deliver justice.


Drama / Moment in Time

6x 1hr

England, 1908: Florrie Rutland and Luli Lau find themselves, for very different reasons, unceremoniously ousted from their respective social circles.

Precariously alone in the heart of London, a fateful turn of events results in their paths crossing, whereupon their shared passion for experimental cooking provides an unexpected opportunity — not only to restore them to society but to bring two worlds together.

A scintillating tale, inspired by real events, that reveals a surprisingly sensuous side of Edwardian life as we witness the arrival of England’s first Chinese restaurant.


Procedural / Dark Comedy


There are two days in your life where planning and perfection are paramount. One is your wedding day where you pledge your life to another.

And the other is the day you commit murder.

Whichever might apply to you, to ensure that these events go without a hitch you need a professional planner. Someone with real expertise in tying the knot — even if that knot is a rope.

Meet Matilda Diller, Manhattan’s most celebrated and sought-after wedding planner. With a little extra business on the side…


Female-Driven Superhero Action / Mystery


Working with the homicide squad, Detective Alexis Bianco believes she’s seen every way a life can be taken. Then she meets the mysterious Lola. More weapon than woman, Lola pursues a predator with a method of murder unlike any other.

Based on the YA novel Romeo Spikes published by Simon & Schuster.


Action-Comedy / Superhero


For most women, menopause means night sweats and saggy buns. But for one grandmother, the Change was more miraculous.

She gets real hot and badass.

A superhero series with an unexpected twist.


Procedural / True Crime


In the famed and fascinating history of Scotland Yard, there is one unexplored chapter, spanning over three decades, where England’s leading homicide detectives worked in covert secrecy with a relentless pack of civilians known as The Murder Gang.

Based on true events, the casebook of The Murder Gang is opened for the first time, creating a new procedural series with multiple series potential.


Investigative / Dark Comedy


Inspired by real events, this off-beat thriller follows one woman!s unorthodox pursuit to expose the truth behind the Met Police’s SD15 Squad, a covert collection of male officers trained to seduce women who were active in social and political pressure groups.

A government inquiry in 2008 closed down the unit after forty years of operation. But much of what these officers did whilst undercover remains untold.
Until now…