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Founded in 2008, The Strategem Organisation is a content management business supporting the THREE C’s Creative, Commercial and Communication. Home to a host of talent from Script Writers and Directors to Videographers and Sourcing… whatever you need to create a project, get it off the ground or complete it, we are here to facilitate.

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About Karen Nunn

A true “Entrepreneurial Spirit”; multi-tasking across the most varied initiatives from Firexo Extinguishers to Film production and Beauty Products to BP. Karen is an energetic, environmentally-focused business person who communicates with ease and aptitude for creativity whilst remaining commercially savvy. Whether developing brands from scratch to sale, ideas from lifeless to invigorated or projects from confused to focused, Karen will provide successful solutions concisely and stylishly with a flair for a fresh perspective.

Not only a brand owner of successfully selling brands and the developer of numerous others – Karen can provide insight and foresight from an environmentally conscious standpoint. Her proven ability and solution-driven methods enable her to achieve desired results- meeting and exceeding required aims and objectives. Whether start-ups/SMEs launching or those requiring a brand step change, she will relish each challenge with guts, enthusiasm and gratitude.

Karen also provides mentoring for individuals wanting career clarity, increased drive and structure or a change of direction, encouraging progression both personally or in their business roles. Her approach is tailored to suit the individual, helping to step back and take a different angle, often with a relaxed style and humorous twist.