Differently Abled and Able to Work

We are changing the landscape and perception of disability both in front and behind the camera in film and television productions by supporting those looking for work and guiding employers accordingly.

The Mission

Our mission is to remove any stigma around the employment of those deemed disabled, providing a platform to showcase their exceptional abilities by building a safe and secure network where hopes and wishes can become a reality.

The Vision

Ability starts with a mindset of determination and passion for delivering the best result. We envisage a world of opportunity for all talented individuals with aspirations to succeed, whether performing, producing, creative or crew.

“Having experienced the reality of disablement following a COVID-induced coma, Karen from Strategem Organisation supported my career pivot, helping me feel as able, if not more, than before.”

– Craig Crawford

“With Karen’s drive to ensure television and film production opportunities are not limited, the quest of the Strategem Organisation is enheartening for parents like us, with a hugely talented and capable young adult despite having cerebral palsy.”

– Lucie Thomas

“As a blind actor, producer, and film director, I have first-hand experience of how hard it has been to enter a relatively closed community. Karen Nunn’s alignment with my values continues to be why she is an essential board member for my Crystal Vision foundation.

– Adam Norse